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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks

What you are looking at is Ann Arbor, of course, color coordinated based on household income. Rich blocks, Poor Blocks put together a google map of every city in America. The reddest areas mean the average households are pulling in less than ~$16,000 and the darkest blue areas are reaching incomes of over $94,000. When you click on the map you can see the median household incomes, etc. I don't think anything is too surprising about the Ann Arbor, but you can take the map to any city and examine away.

Whole of Ann Arbor with Ypsilanti
Somewhere in what I call Kerrytown


  1. It's interesting that the center of Ann Arbor is so "poor." Do you think it's caused by the presence of student renters?

  2. It IS interesting. I looked up Traverse City (duh), and while I wasn't surprised by the richer areas, I was surprised by the poor areas.