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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Summer Jams: A2 expatriates Clearance debut 7"

Former Ann Arborites Mike Bellis and Arthur Velez (formerly known around town as the Fine Printers) have regenerated in Chicago as Clearance. The duo's debut 7", Dixie Motel Two-Step, arrived recently and clearly displays Clearance's dedication to Pavement's original indie-rock stylings. But the band's not just a low-rent Malkmus ripoff. Bellis has a way with hazy guitar hooks and languid vocal phrasings, and combined with the big, warm sound of Velez's drums the duo's rock craftsmanship is formidable. This isn't just great new music from local talent; it's some of the best music of this summer, period. Here's hoping Clearance makes it home for some shows soon.

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