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Monday, October 19, 2020

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: October 19, 2020

Gentle readers, tonight is the final spooktacular #a2council meeting of October. Here's the agenda.  

The evening kicks off with with a modest 11 item consent agenda. Of note, CA-3, a resolution to accept a $300,000 Natural Resources Trust Grant to improve access at the Argo Canoe Livery. 

There are three public hearings on the docket this evening all of which deal with the Veridian at County Farm Park. This is a sustainable subsidized and market rate housing project going in where the old Juvenile Detention Facility was. PH-1/B-1 is on the PUD for the site. PH-2/DB-1 is on the development agreement. PH-3/DB-2 is on the site plan. 

DC-1 is a resolution to rename Rose White Park in honor of the late Ward 4 Councilmember, Graydon Krapohl. 

DC-3 is probably the spiciest chili of the night. Sponsored by lame duck CMs Eaton and Lumm, this is a resolution to return residential water rates from a four-tier structure to a three-tier structure. For a deep dive into this, check out this great article by Erich Z. The tl:dr here is that switching back to a three-tier structure would benefit households that use a lot of water, e.g. people with pools and with lawn irrigation. This would come at the expense of moderate water users. This has been something that Lumm has been really passionate about. In my opinion, regardless of weather you agree with this resolution or not, changing something so substantial when half of the council will be leaving next month. 

As always, gentle reader, I am probably forgetting some very important items here. What agenda items are you most looking forward to seeing. I am guessing that tonight will be another late night around the virtual council table. Hopefully we will see you there. The CTN stream starts at 7 pm. Make sure you follow the action on the #a2council hashtag.

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