Friday, June 21, 2013

Michelle Chamuel Didn't Win the Voice and it's America's Fault

I wrote some posts about other things. I can write about TV again, right?

I haven't ever watched American Idol but I guess it's losing in ratings. I wouldn't want to watch the Voice, but Michelle Chamuel was a big draw and I have a network crush on NBC (Parks and Rec, Community, Hannibal). Michelle didn't win. It's really disappointing because this girl won (I am making the picture super small because I am super salty about her win):
PIcture from NBC
She has a very good voice, this girl I will not name, but she doesn't captivate. She stays in one place for the most of her performances and keeps the same stupid smile on her face. Not that I dislike people who smile or anything. But she's no Michelle Chamuel. I hope that Usher and Michelle continue making music/being the best of friends.


  1. A little bird told me she was actually happy to get second. Also, did she lose to Aimee Teegarden?!

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