Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It appears, though, that you're obsessed with this young, gay man.

How does this guy have a job while recent law school graduates struggle to find employment?

Also, how is gender neutral housing, as an option for students, radical?


  1. Please note that Andrew Shirvell is this same winner that I - and the Freep - saw on our way to see Obama speak at the Michigan Stadium for the UM graduation in spring:

    His way of going about things is a little, how do I say this...


  2. Shirvell has been a lot of places; here's a chronicle, of sorts:

    which I wrote for this morning. Thanks for the link.

  3. I'm glad you included the 2005 Daily piece about Shirvell complaining about the pride flag at NYPD. It is surprising that someone that comes off as so hateful, and unstable as him is employed in such a position of power in our state government.

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  5. The Detroit News posted this morning that Shirvell has been suspended from his job, but the story has been removed.

    Here's the story from the U of M paper: