Sunday, September 26, 2010

Those great new bike lanes

New bike lanes in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor was recently rated the 14th most bike friendly city in the US and the most bike friendly city in the great state of Michigan. The city has recently spent a quarter of a million dollars improving existing bike lanes and adding 9 new miles of bike as you can see in the map above. Interestingly, these lanes sometimes seem to be less like actual bike lanes and more paintings of bicycles in the middle of major road ways. For example, the new "bike lane" on Main Street is really just a painting of two hat characters (^) above a picture of a bicycle. Not only is there insufficient room for cars to avoid running through these symbols, but they also don't boost your velocity in a Mario Kart-esque way. On other, slightly wider streets, these new lanes seem slightly less ridiculous.

For more information on bikes in Ann Arbor, check out the City's bike page, and this article from

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  1. Love your blog & this post is right up my alley or bike lane. Anyway, please join us for year end party talking bike lanes at Corner brewery in Ypsi and "we" are Washtenaw Biking & Walking Coalition...(, but I'm just Karen.

    Wanted to say I like the more-than-one-author blog.