Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Damn Arbor gets lost in the Chelsea Corn Maze

Children of the Corn

Lets just get this out in the open: corn mazes are a lot trickier than they seem. Damn Arbor and company decided to check out the Chelsea Corn Maze to take in some fall flavor and because it had the worst website of the all the local corn mazes. (Editor's note: really really, that was our main criterion.) The maze is ten acres, which didn't seem that big. After two hours walking in circles through the maze, though, it seemed a lot bigger.

The maze features a series of trivia questions that, if answered correctly, should get you out in forty-five minutes, according to the lady at the concession stand. After three or four times through a loop of questions about Twilight and Justin Bieber and, of course, corn, we resorted to what any twenty-somethings would do: we pulled out our iPhones and started double checking our answers.

For a while, I am pretty sure we all thought we were never going to make it out. All in all, though, it was a great afternoon. I don't think anything will beat the exhilaration we all experienced upon finally exiting the maze. On the way back to Ann Arbor, we stopped at the Dexter Cider Mill for cider and delicious donuts and Dexter's A&W, rounding out the perfect fall afternoon.

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  1. Children of the Corn is a thinly veiled referece to the Maya:

    Nice blog.