Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dan Savage at Eastern; Andrew Shirvell Watch

Savage Love advice columnist Dan Savage was at EMU last night. We were not there, but apparently he rocked and guess what. Dan is mad at the Saline BOE too! It's starting to seem like Southeast Michigan is famous, but for all the wrong reasons. Speaking of things that are getting the greater Ann Arbor area in to the national spotlight, Assistant Attorney General and bigot Andrew Shirvell is asking the Honorable Nancy Francis to rescues herself from hearing Chris Armstrong's Personal Protection Order request against him. Why you ask? Oh, because her sister, State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith (D-Ypsilanti) said something negative about Shirvell. At this point though, I doubt it would be possible to find a Judge in the state who was not related to someone who has said something negative about Shirvell. If you are looking for more information on the story, make sure you check out Damn Arbor contributor Quinn Davis' piece in the Washtenaw Voice.

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