Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ragstock Opening

Ragstock, the popular Minneapolis-based purveyor of recycled and vintage clothing is opening its first Michigan store today in Ann Arbor. The store, located in the long vacant first floor of 337 E. Liberty, is part of the retail chain's recent expansion into many Midwestern college towns. Ragstock is a bit like American Apparel but with some Midwestern flair and minus creepy Dov Charney. It's a great place to find cheep clothes, pieces for a Halloween costume, or a holiday sweater. If you do decide to check out Ragstock, make sure to print out one of these handy 25% off coupons.

Photo via: humbletree


  1. I want cowboy boots, but I also just read this: http://putthison.com/post/1300873191/q-and-answer-cowboy-boots-josh-writes

    What do you think BCB?

  2. If you have to ask...

    If the boots are a subtle, then they are fine. They shouldn't be flair.

  3. I wonder if that neon green gorilla suit from the display window is on sale yet…