Sunday, October 3, 2010

Secret Keepers

Ben's recent post on Ann Arbor bars scared me a little, because I was afraid he was going to reveal my favorite Ann Arbor bar* and allow it to get overrun by people that are irritating (that is to say, most people). And of course, he did, because Ben is a gentleman of good taste and he knows the good spots.

Entering my third year living in A2 I've gotten very territorial about the places I like, because it seems like they go through a rapid cycle of pleasant obscurity, actively popular spot, and overcrowded jerk magnet. That's an oversimplification, of course, and "jerk magnet" is kind of a vague term. I guess I don't like it when people are attracted to venues, businesses, or parties because they have some "underground" mystique. If you're going somewhere because it's supposed to be a hidden spot, you're making it less lame.

I myself have been guilty of popularizing one of my favorite places in A2 - but that's mostly because I wanted their business to go up so they stay in business. So I have to keep reminding myself that businesses and parties don't exist solely for my benefit - they need to make money too, and if more traffic means better business, that just keeps things going a little while longer. As businesses close around A2 that I dearly love and miss, keeping local alive is more important than keeping me happy.

In conclusion: "Hi, I go by GH, and I'm a snobby elitist."

* Of course I'm not going to tell you what bar it is, because I don't want to see you there. Sure, I want the bar to stay in good business, but I can just easily do that on my own without having it overrun by coeds with fake IDs.


  1. GH, I think your favorite bar tops a lot of peoples lists. Fans of the bar do worry about word getting out, or introducing too many people to it too quickly. How do you get people of discerning taste to quality establishments without opening the flood gates?

  2. Blood bonds? Maybe once burned twice shy? I admit this is not a good system. Certainly not a sustainable one.