Monday, October 25, 2010

Speaking of bank robberies...

here's a piggy bank!
What, too soon?

I am so freaking poor right now, you guys. And guess what?! So is the state of Michigan! So today, and possibly in future posts, we’re going to address the issue of How to be Poor and Other Things Your Liberal Arts Education Didn’t Cover. Doh!

This is not to say that Ann Arbor hasn’t suffered during the recession, because everyone from The Holy Rich Rodriguez (sorry Josh) to 50 Cent (not to be confused with the rapper – this is a homeless man that consistently asks for 50 cents) can tell you that it has. This is Michigan we’re talking about, after all. But with the University of Michigan around as the city’s personal buffer, I can’t deny that there’s a reason I moved here after graduation instead of, say, Flint.

But not all of us are so graciously touched by the great UM. Honestly, as a small-town, northern Michigan gal, the relationship Ann Arborites have with the university is almost creepy. It’s sobering to live in a place where people worship, hate, depend on, work for and spend their weekends with something other than God (again, I’m from northern Michigan). So, as the Damn Arbor derelict (I’m never letting go of that, you guys), I plan on discussing money-saving ways to live in this college town as someone almost completely unrelated to it, at least in a direct way.But for now, goodnight and GO BLUE!

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