Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anne does Ann Arbor

From Chelsea's Big Interview with Anne Hathaway on Monday November 22nd:

Hathaway: There are some films where the actors really...have...

Handler: Have sex?? That's called 'Debbie Does Dallas.' And you should never, ever do 'Anne Does Arkansas' or whatever would be the equal to that.

Hathaway: I will try. It would probably be 'Anne Does Ann Arbor,' but I will attempt it.

I guess it's nice to know we are just on the tip of Anne's tongue. Skip to 2:55 for the quote.


  1. Psh. More like Anne DOESN'T do Ann Arbor.

    *Disappointment because I really liked her in "Rachel Getting Married."*

  2. We already saw enough of her body when her rack parachuted out of her top in Brokeback Mountain.