Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guide to Ann Arbor: eat local with a CSA

It's no secret Ann Arbor is home to tons of great food. You can get great food from the Farmer's Market, the People's Food Co-op, or even Meijer and Kroger. Heck we even have TWO Whole Foods. But let's face it: sometimes we all forget to buy produce, or even make it out to buy any groceries for a week or two. And if you are like me, you probably don't go out of your way to buy vegetables like bok choy. Fortunately, Ann Arbor is also home to several Community Supported Agriculture programs, or CSAs. When you buy into a CSA, you are essentially buying a share of a farm's output for a season. It is a great way to support local farmers and get some super tasty local food.

This fall our house is splitting a share from Sunseed Farm. Every Friday morning we pick up pounds of assorted vegetables from farmers Tomm and Trilby Becker. They manage to grow wonderful potatoes that have buttery texture and broccoli that is almost sweet. Seriously, it is some of the best food I have ever eaten.

If you are interested in purchasing a share of a CSA, Sunseed is offering winter shares for about $35 a week. You can also check out the Farmer's Market's CSA page or their daunting 80 megabyte .pdf guide to choosing a CSA.

Many of the local CSAs also have their own pages:

Community Farm of Ann Arbor

Harvest Kitchen

Brines Farm

Don't let the granola-y names deter you. In my experience, CSAs offer outstanding food.

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