Wednesday, November 17, 2010

School in KKK capital of Midwest protects free speech from anti-bullying agenda

A Howell High School teacher was recently suspended for a day for removing a student from class for anti-gay speech.

The student had said, several times, "I don't accept gays. It's against my religion," after the teacher, Jay McDowell, repeated that this was not an appropriate thing to say in class.

Fourteen-year-old Graeme Taylor, a student in the same school district, has become YouTube famous defending McDowell's actions at a recent Howell school board meeting.

Clip below.

Kids these days.

Is the problem here that the punishment--removing the offending student from the class for a day--was too severe? What would have been a proper response from the teacher?

Howell is nothing if not consistent.

Photo courtesy of Howell High School.


  1. Really the Howell Rebels? Is there a magical portal to the deep south just north of Ann Arbor?

  2. Howell's not the KKK Capital of the Midwest. It never was the KKK Capital of the Midwest. The grand dragon or whatever was in Cohoctah, not Howell.