Friday, November 26, 2010

The Night before Thanksgiving

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and our fridge was a jungle.

"I'll make dinner," I thought, but fearing I would bungle
The meal, I called up the boys, Ben and Josh,
And told them "We have many greens, so much squash!
Do you want to stay in and eat some Swiss chard,
When everyone else is out at the bar?"
The NPR, oh, it sang sweet as a ballad
As Josh cleared the fridge and tossed up a salad:
With feta and greens, with ripe-red tomatoes.

I set about making my Oma's potatoes.
Red onions, the carrots our CSA brought,
Though the taters weren't quite the color I'd thought.

Ben reached in the freezer and retrieved a surprise:
Salmon hidden in back! Do I believe my eyes?

We gathered 'round the table with cans of Miller Lite;
That's how Damn Arbor spent Thanksgiving night.

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