Friday, November 12, 2010

Some background on Wolverine State Brewing Co.

Oliver Roberts, the owner of Wolverine
State Brewing Co. Photo courtesy of
The Washtenaw Voice, which was
originally courtesy of E.T. Crowe.

Long before the Wolverine State Brewing Co. ever opened, the newspaper I write for, The Washtenaw Voice, sent staffer (and local teacher) Wendy Ochoa out to figure out what the whole place was about. She did a small piece about the brewery opening (Wolverine State Brewing Co. set to open soon, Sept. 13 issue). By the sounds of it, they don't plan on ever serving any food there besides snacks.

Wolverine, unlike other breweries in Ann Arbor, will not be a brewpub with a high-end food menu. The location will house the brewery and a tap room, which will have capacity for about 150 people. The owners will have snacks like pretzels and popcorn on hand.

However, they've made delivery arrangements with several Stadium Boulevard-area restaurants, including Gourmet Garden, Izzy's Hoagie Shop and several pizza places.
The Damn Arborites already scoped this place out, so be sure to check it out yourself. Besides, this is a local business we're talking about, people. Now go drive your Toyotas and Hondas over there and introduce yourselves.

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