Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is why I can't read's comments any more

From the article Ten University of Michigan students to travel to United Nations Climate Change Conference:


Climate has ALWAYS changed. What is the big deal. It is a big deal if some crooks can find a way to fool the people into giving up trillions of dollars to enrich themselves. Sea levels will rise 20 feet, the Arctic ice will melt, the Hymalaya glacier will melt, etc., etc., etc. "Tell a big lie and repeat it over and over and people will believe it." Nazi, Germany.

To find out why the lies are being told, Google, "Agenda 21." It is far more evil and expansive than merely stealing money through cap-n-trade and carbon taxes.

There are many other juicy comments.


  1. I added a little user style sheet to never show me the comment section on, they are generally vile, but I'm compulsive and will keep reading if they are there.

    I've heard you can do this with some ad block software as well.

  2. It's like trying to drive past a car crash and not look--I just can't do it.