Monday, November 29, 2010

Where's My White Powder?

Mean temperature, Ann Arbor, MI, 11/30/2009: 34 F
Mean temperature, Ann Arbor, MI, 11/30/2008: 32 F
Mean temperature, Ann Arbor, MI, 11/30/2007: 29 F
Forecast temperature, Ann Arbor, MI, 11/30/2010: 45 F

Which of these is not like the other?

I've begun to hear rumblings around A2 about the odd weather we've been having this fall. No one would argue that this is amazing weather - it's hard to be fond of overcast skies, temperatures in the high 30s, and gusty winds - but it's almost... balmy for this time of year in this part of the country. Sure, we've had flurries, but no snow has stuck to the ground and it's nearly December.

I'm one of those Michiganders who dislikes snow - not necessarily when it first falls, as it can be quite pretty (see below). But by the time January rolls around, we've all remembered that MDOT still hasn't figured out how to plow the roads (oh, how I long for the go-go days of the 90s when SUV fever meant the State of Michigan was well-capitalized enough to actually clean the streets effectively); grey slush makes your shoes look disgusting; and the sun setting at 5:30 PM leads to days spent in classrooms and offices with artificial light and nights spent trudging through deserted, dark, windy streets. It's like The Walking Dead up in here.

Waiting for first snow, for me, is like waiting for the doctor to give you a vaccination. You just want it to be over so we can all count down the months until Oberon comes back. Until then, wear a scarf and gloves - illness knows no season.

Edit: This morning (11-30-2010) it's raining and 52 degrees. What the what?!

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  1. This lack of snow is making me feel a little crazy... or maybe it's the Four Loko. But seriously, this is nuts.