Friday, December 31, 2010

The Big Leagues

In case you missed it Damn Arbor made Edward Vielmetti's list of 5 Notable Ann Arbor Weblogs for 2010. Folks, we're in the Big Leagues now. I'm sure as soon as we get our AdSense sorted out, we'll be flush with Google-dollars.

One of the other blogs mentioned in the article is Marjorie O'Brien's The Useless Creatures. Here, and in an accompanying flickr set, Marjorie posts exquisitely detailed photographs of dead animals she finds in the greater Ann Arbor Area. It's definitely one of my favorite local blogs now. You can see an example of Marjorie's work above.


  1. Being the first blog listed does not make you the "#1" blog, Ben!

  2. Yes it does! At least in the category of "All purpose group weblog."