Sunday, December 5, 2010

If You Can Read This, You Don't Have A2 Comcast

The Michigan Daily is reporting that Comcast internet service is down, not only in Ann Arbor but as far away as Minnesota. Why exactly do I pay over $90 a month for Internet and TV, I wonder? Luckily, we students have access to campus facilities, so I can "work" as long as I'd like to tonight (approx. 45 more minutes, probably).


  1. For everyone else, there are good backups you can setup on your computer for cases like this.

    It's Comcast's DNS servers that are down, those are the ones that translate URLs like "" into the right numeric address. Google and a few other companies (like OpenDNS offer free DNS servers that you can use as a backup. Google's page is at and there's some setup instructions available there too.

  2. Thanks for the info Phil.

    Here is a haiku to Comcast:

    Your service is bad.
    Your customer service, too.
    I hate you so much.

  3. My Internet at home seems to be working again, but I'm not sure if that's true for all Comcast subscribers in the A2 area.

  4. Maybe you could put that in haiku form.