Friday, December 17, 2010

New Big Ten Logo

Lovely isn't it?

I'm not the biggest sports fan, but I do like angry rants. From Michigan Radio and John Bacon:

To create a new logo, they could ask some corn-fed rubes like you and your friends, but you would probably do something stupid like draw on the Big Ten's 115-year history and come up with something simple, honest, and authentic. Or you might just pay some art student a hundred bucks to make a new logo, like Nike did, and end up with some swoosh-looking thing, which no one remembers.


Having come up with the perfect logo, it was time for brain trust of the Big Ten to work its magic on the names for the new divisions. Now, you, being an domestic-car driving moron, might have come up with such prosaic titles as East and West, Lakes and Plains, or maybe even Schembechler and Hayes, who actually existed.

You can read or listen to the whole piece on the link above. Image via Big Ten


  1. I have a lot of opinions about this.

    I think it's very relevant that people don't like the logo. However, I also think that people are generally stupid. The studio that designed the logo, Pentagram, is headed by Michael Bierut, one of today's graphic design superstars. This isn't to say that Pentagram/Bierut are infallible. But I would argue that they aren't *bad* graphic designers, generally. If the logo doesn't work, it's more likely due to pressures from the customer rather than the firm. Having seen such interactions in person when I was at Random House, it's all too frequent to see someone sabotage the best interests of all parties by picking a second-, third-, or last-choice design.

  2. Entirely possible. However, the logo sucks.

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  4. This makes me want to take Video102 just so I can make the trailer and have Nick narrate it.

  5. Although Erika's post doesn't make much sense, it makes more sense than a typical Katherine Heigl joint.

  6. The logo looks like the title of a chick flick.

    That was my point.

    I'm sorry you don't understand humor.