Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nobody Actually Says "A-squared"

A travel writer from the Summit Daily in Frisco Colorado visited Ann Arbor recently:

On a recent fine fall weekend, I visited the city that locals refer to as “A2”” (or A-Squared). I came away thinking that the city of 113,000 residents is one of the hippest and most energetic cities I've ever passed through. Surely, the 40-some thousand students who attend the University of Michigan have something to do with that energy. Also factor in those dynamic folks involved in academic programs at the university (U of M has the largest pre-law and pre-med schools in the country!) and others involved in the area's notable research and development, and it's easy to see why the city has cultivated such a rich cultural scene.

Sure, people write A2 or A^2, but nobody says it.

Via The Chronicle


  1. The only thing I hate more than "A Squared" (it's A2, dammit!") is "AA." While there may not be much to do in MI besides drinking, that doesn't make us all alcoholics...

  2. Or at least alcoholics who wish to recover.