Thursday, December 9, 2010

An obligatory post on Uggs

I recently came a cross a post concerning appropriate winter footwear on Tim Chilcote's blog Great Lakes Guru. His tirade against Uggs caught my eye:

If there’s one thing that irks me about my marriage it’s that my wife owns a pair of Uggs. These boots look like dirty lunch bags stuffed with wet hamster chips, and they transform the female form and strut into something akin to that of a drunk circus clown walking on the moon. Spend time on a college campus in Michigan and you’ll be terrified to find that nearly every female on campus is decked out in Uggs, and worse, they match the boots with black tights. Skinny undergraduate legs exaggerate the size of the boot until Ann Arbor in January is like a ballerina-hippie-Eskimo nightmare.
Say what you will sir, but Ann Arbor in January is MY ballerina-hippie-Eskimo nightmare! That being said, Tim certainly has a way with words.

Sometimes though, I feel a little guilty for hating on Uggs. It's just a little too easy, like when I beat my boss' five-year-old son in soccer: it feels good, but in a hollow way. Sure, they are lacking in terms of form and function. They offer no traction or arch support and don't resist the elements. But is it strange that we direct so much ire towards this fashion choice made by young women?


  1. I love beating little kids at sports.

  2. Uggs are terrible. I suspect that people wear them to hide their cloven feet, as anyone who wears Uggs must be kin to the Devil.


  3. A girl needs many pairs of boots. Of the Ugg variety, I caved and bought these last year (apologies for the lack of live link):

    I don't regret it one bit. I pretty much rock them.

  4. I guess when we hate on Uggs, we are really talking about the more standard ones. Those boots look both sharp and functional.

  5. You know some designer came up with a cross between Croks and Uggs which of course were called "Crugs"

  6. "I object to other people's fashion choices because they are different than my own, signifying their identification with a different social group. Ridiculing them makes me feel good by affirming that my choice of group is better, and therefor I am a better person"

  7. 1. Tom Brady is developing his own line of Uggs. I will now shave my groin with a cheese grater.

    2. Tim Chilcote labors his similes like a Buddhist dung farmer shoveling his crop into a Red Ryder wagon on a hot August night in the Arctic region of Narnia.

    3. The only female fashion trend that has ever disturbed me was the skirt-over-jeans phenomenon. This deliberately conspicuous statement of pseudo-feminism irked me so deeply that I was moved to actually swipe the skirts off the derrière's of the offending fashionistas.

    4. All I know about college girls is that since many of them base their wardrobes upon ephemeral advertising zeitgeist while unilaterally refusing to date me, I have to question their wisdom and decision-making skills. Pull your head out of your asses, ladies, so that I may snatch your way-farers.

    5. I like itemizing my points.

    6. Ben, your just mad because Uggs don't come in plaid.

  8. Yes uggs are terrible when it comes to style but its useful in winter and rainy season it keeps you warm and comfortable.