Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SANTA: He's coming to town. Hide ya kids...

So I'm going to make Erika cry with this one, but sometimes, Christmas feels like this:

That's right. Santa's army is coming to get me, even though I've been good all year (save for Memorial Day Weekend and my birthday). And it will ambush all of the surrounding villages to find me. And I will buy presents for everyone! And listen to Christmas music around the clock! And never! Ever! Think! Of anything! Else!

One thing about moving to Ann Arbor is that I had to get used to that being par for the course. Sure, Christmas was all over Traverse City, but the Christmas music on the radio that starts in October? Whaaaat? That was NOT a thing Up North (don't judge the caps, that's apparently totes AP style), or at least I never noticed it.

As it was, my mom, grandma and I always judgified the neighbors that got too Christmas-y before the first snow (which is in October). Grandma would scrunch up her face and say, "Sheesh, honest to God, honey, I cannot be-LIEVE that these people already have their lights up. And to think it's not even Halloween!" My mom would chip in, fueling Grandma's fire, as I sat there with raised eyebrows and a frown, nodding my concurrent disbelief.

But now that all of the holidays before Christmas have come and gone, I feel a little silly that my OMG CHRISTMAS NOT YET opinion piece is now sailing on The Washtenaw Voice's website. I'll let Christmas do its thang now. But just in case there are others who aren't ready for Christmas to take over our lives like the zombie apocalypse yet, check out this little Jost-maddening clip:
What we really need is to be able to enjoy what's happening right now.
Right now, I'm living with some of the greatest friends I've ever had. Next year, we'll probably be living in different zip codes. I won't be with them on Christmas.
Right now, I'm making a video for one of my classes. It will be the first movie I've ever made. It will all be over by Christmas.
And right now, I'm working on our second-to-last newspaper of the year. After the next issue, I won't be able to work with my right-hand man, Managing Editor Matt Thompson, ever again. By Christmas, he'll be long gone, making his last-minute preparations for his transfer to Central Michigan University.
I'm going to enjoy right now while I still can.
As for Christmas, I will shamelessly quote Sex and the City now to express my feelings: "A day. You get a day."
For the full effect, check out the rest of my curmudgeoning on The Voice. Photo credit to parl.

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