Monday, December 13, 2010

The tiny shwag we got at the Tiny Expo

Joshua and I stopped by the Tiny Expo on Saturday with a few friends. We were only there for 20 minutes, tops, but look at all the cool stuff we got!

First of all, I bought this crazy mug that says "Knights of Columbus" on it and spice bomb from The Bum Bum Factory. I plan on using the spice bomb, which smells like Christmas (cloves and such) in with some cider. Delicioso! The mug above was $1, the spice bomb $2 and the ready-made tea I had in the mug yesterday was $2. I'll admit that the ready-made tea wasn't my style, since it had so many little chunks of things in it (mostly ginger and lemon) and it was kinda spicy.

They sold little goodies like craycray chocolates (cardamom and ginger?!), but mostly these little packets for tea (like the spice bomb) and tea that was already made.

The Bum Bum Factory was run by (full disclosure) one of the designers from The Voice, Jocelyn Gotlib, and her friend. Jocelyn's sister, Helen Gotlib, was one of the four founders of the Tiny Expo.

"It's to help you warm your bum bum!" giggled Jocelyn. Jocelyn is a University of Michigan graduate and an alum of Community High School here in Ann Arbor.

I also saw my favorite vendor, Pooka Queen. I got all excited and made Josh hold my tea while I tried on the headbands and such. Unfortunately, I don't think I could pull it off, but there was one that may be going on my Christmas wish list. I just couldn't justify buying a $30 headband for myself when I still have to buy presents, y'know?

There was a ton of free stuff right as you walked in the door. I decided to grab a nail file and sweatband. NECESSITIES.

I'm going to assume that this means the Tiny Expo was sponsored by Yelp. Call me crazy.

Last, but most definitely not least, Josh picked up a T-shirt from International Robot, Dylan Strzynski's shop. Strzynksi is another one of the founders of the Tiny Expo, and, as you might have guessed, his shop was chock-full of all things robot related. Once Josh peed on everything to make sure everyone knew the place was his, he bought this T-shirt for $20:

So that was our time at the Tiny Expo. We'll definitely be going again next year, but with a lot more cash (if we magically have it).


  1. Josh has always been a great model for embellished T's, though this photo is a little more fun than sexy.

    Don't judge my double posting in one day- I'm really bored at work.

  2. I wanted to buy the "lay/lie/lying/laid" poster but I tend to warily buy things, so I waited. I think it was being sold by though?