Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ann Arbor Movie News

Pierce Brosnan as a Holy Roller in Salvation Boulevard--Creepy

Locally filmed Salvation Boulevard, will premiere next week at Sundance. I'm super excited for this movie for three reasons. One, several scenes in it were filmed across the street from my house. Two, my brother did works with the props crew for the movie. Three, Marisa Tomei. Unfortunately, there are no trailers for Salvation Boulevard out at this time.

In other movie news, the Freep is reporting that George Clooney is in Detroit preparing to film the political thriller The Ides of March in Southeast Michigan this March. Remember folks, Clooney is a fan of Ann Arbor dining, particularly The Grange. In case you are wondering the connection between these films, it's Marisa Tomei.

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