Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'The Babysitters Club' does Ann Arbor


In this post from The Hairpin, we learn what all of the babysitters (even Logan!) are up to now that they've reached the age of 37.

The whole post is amazing. Mary Anne and Logan never got married (thank gawd), Dawn went craycray, Stacey lead the life of a struggling starlet without the starlet part and Mallory got knocked up while in college, among other accomplishments like being "surprisingly good at Mario Kart for Wii."

The A2 connection is small, but it makes the post that much better. Apparently Claudia's sister, Janine, went to U of M for aerospace engineering, which was supplied as part of the evidence that Claudia never "got over that whole living in Janine's shadow thing."

I always identified with Kristie, the feisty, bossy, tragically short brunette. Her best friend Mary Anne was kinda like my best friend Mary growing up, so it made totes sense. So while it wasn't shocking to hear, it was still a little weird to know that Kristie came out and is a lesbian. I mean yeah, we could all see that, but why is it that all tomboys have to be gay?

Favorite detail: "Mary Anne does not know how to use the internet." Also not how my friend Mary turned out, but if she had become a total caricature of herself, I could see this happening. Just like how I would be a lesbian and meet my partner while doing Teach for America.

Also: "The Babysitter's Club" theme song at the top. I still have the whole thing memorized. Say hello to your friends!