Saturday, January 8, 2011

Michigan Coaching Search Update

Michigan executive Dave Brandon is on a jet plane, we are unsure of when he'll be back again. It better be soon, with a head coach. One of our wide receivers, Kelvin Grady, tweeted that he has a "good feeling about this weekend." Some have taken this to mean we have nearly reached a deal with someone, I think it is more about players trying to remain positive and show a level of trust and cohesiveness in this organization that has been non-existent for 3 years now.

One guy we can cross off the list is Gary Patterson, (13-0 #3) TCU's current coach, who just signed a massive extension through 2012, according to the article below from the Dallas Morning News. ESPN's CFB front page says the extension is through 2018.
article here

There is a lot of noise coming from LSU claiming that Les Miles is gone or has said that he is staying, depending on whom you ask. Considering the whole saga with him three years ago and his ties to Michigan, it is not surprising that LSU Tigers fans are, at minimum, worried that they might lose him. Nothing is clear here yet.

In more exciting news. Michigan plays the #2 Kansas Jayhawks at Crisler Arena on Sunday 1/9 at 4:30PM.

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