Sunday, January 16, 2011

Restaurant Week Review: Café Felix

It's true: As Mistah Hans points out, a lot of the local restaurants that participate in Restaurant Week take liberties in their pricing. Yeah yeah, we get that times are tough. But isn't the whole point of RW to encourage people to come into your restaurant when your prices are lower? Answer: Yes. Yes it is.

Of course, some Ann Arbor restaurants still "get it." Behold: Café Felix.

We ate at Café Felix today for brunch. I had the salmon sandwich, a cup of decaf and tiramisu. This would normally set me back $17, and that's without the coffee (I can't find a price for coffee on their website). I'll make an estimate and say that coffee is $3, making the meal $20. Three of us were able to eat for $36, as opposed to $60. The quality of the salmon did not appear to be compromised either.

Conclusion: Nom. If you don't want to take a risk, Café Felix will be sure to please.

Disclaimer: I worked at Café Felix... for one day. The biggest grain of salt ever.

Photo credit to rebecca anne. And it's a photo of the inside of Café Felix. Duh.


  1. Sounds delicious Q. I never knew you worked at Café Felix.

  2. The interior of Cafe Felix looks like a decadent Roman emperor's bathroom.

  3. That would be an improvement for Cafe Felix.