Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Worst Comment of the Day

This one's a twofer! Never underestimate the ability of an article on climate science to bring out the crazies. First we have an entry from suyts:

First, he calls Heather, the article's author, "dear." Second, he confuses permanent snow extent with seasonal snowfall extent. Finally, he is a climate change denier.

Then we have Meme Mine:

What is death by CO2? Did we ever have a carbon tax? Why does Meme Mine hate scientists so much? Perhaps they are an ICP fan.


  1. yeah ben, when are we going to see justice done to you?

  2. I think we are going to start accepting submissions for worst comment of the day @

  3. Meme Mine is a troll that posts the same set of messages over and over and over again across the Internet on any forum that discusses climate change. He has been caught posting on the same site using multiple personalities (sock puppetry) to dishonestly boost his message. He rarely responds to the topic of the article he posts on or responds to anyone who addresses his claims. He never backs any of his claims with science. I don't know whether he is being paid to make his anti-science posts or if he is just that obsessive, but he is not to be trusted.
    Links to a few of his repeated posts:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c933f7452b4afda8
    (If the link above does not work, just Google "How ironic is that, considering we bowed like fools to our Gods of science for 25 years of unstoppable warming" ).

    Links to when he was caught using multiple accounts to comment on the same thread:
    See comments 2 (Meme Mine), 3 (Al Bore), 14 (Dizzy May), 18 (Jack FrostBurrrrr!), and 21 (Rachel Carson).
    Then see comment 22 where the site host points out that all of the above are sock puppets and bans him(site hosts have access to poster IPs, so they can tell if a single person is posting using different names) :
    "In case you hadn't noticed, Meme Mine, Al Bore, Dizzy May, Mother Nature, Rachel Carson, and Jack FrostBurrr! are all sockpuppets.
    Sockpuppetry is one of the only bannable offenses here. Bye, bye, Meme Mine.
    Posted by: Orac | June 28, 2010 11:58 AM"
    In comment 24, Meme Mine comes back and pretends not to know what sock puppetry is or that there is anything wrong with it, pretending that he is being banned for "an opposing view" rather than forbehaving in a deceptive manner:
    "Sockpocket, never heard of it till now. You must be one to know one maybe?
    I'll leave you now and I'm sorry for posting an opposing view.
    Oh, and stop scaring my kids, please?
    Posted by: Meme Mine | June 28, 2010 12:04 PM"
    This is not the posting of an honorable person. Again, based upon his behavior, I would not trust a single word that he has to say.
    Another example of sock puppetry from Meme Mine. Here, he is posting as mememine69 and Jum Bay, as well as Neil Craig (or he is using Craig's posts without giving credit elsewhere).
    Nothing Meme Mine has to say is to be trusted.
    If you want to see some real science on global warming, please visit .