Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ann Arbor snow removal map

When the snow starts falling this evening, you may wonder when your street will be plowed, or if your route across town is clear. Look no further than the city's snow plow status webpage. The page is activated in "snow emergencies" and will tell you when each snow route has been plowed.

UPDATE: Snow removal map will not be active for the storm--critical parts have not arrived.


  1. @Ben - unrelated to this, but found my way here from your comment on LocalA2's post on the parking of ArborUpdate. (So, yes, your lil' bit of viral marketing worked. Well played, sir.)

    I had not previously seen Damn Arbor, but I certainly appreciate that the oldest posts I find seem to be couches, bike lanes, oil, and food. You may have missed the AU/AAIO party (and quite a party it was, even if AAIO's taste in music wasn't appreciated by all), but nobody said it was the party to end 'em all, and y'all seem to be decent hosts.

  2. @Murph I'm glad my play worked and that you have found your way here. If you know of anyone following development issues locally (and blogging about them), please let me know.