Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The game

I win!

Here is how the game works: Comment on an article. Don't say anything too snarky, or offensive. You are allowed to vote for yourself once. You can send links to the comments to your friends, but you cannot ask them to vote for you directly. If your comment gets voted into the popular comments section, you win.

Tips: comment early. Comment on articles that are likely to get lots of readers and comments. i.e. articles that list the top 5 chain restaurants that the author would like to see in Ann Arbor. Talk about low hanging fruit.


  1. You just got another vote. Can't believe that article ever seemed like a good idea.

  2. If you work for, as what do you list your profession (seeing as journalist certainly isn't an option)? Countdowns are the laziest form of writing (with a few exceptions such as Bill Simmon's trade value and MVP columns), but creating a ranking of potential chain restaurants is akin to publishing the "Top 5 insects I'd like to infest my house." The only time it is excusable to eat at a chain restaurant is when you are on a road trip. On any other occasion it is as slovenly as mouth breathing.

  3. About the only chain I would want to see open here is In N' Out. However, I believe they are a west coast only thing, so that isn't happening. Although, the five guys place is not bad.

  4. If they put an In-N-Out Burger here maybe they could have two crossed white pines instead of crossed palms out front.

  5. @ Chris

    Top 5 insects I would like to infest my house:

    1. Tarantula hawk-Worlds largest wasp and one of the most painful stingers in the world.

    2. Titan beetle-Worlds largest beetle.

    3. Luna Moth-They look cool

    4. Bumble bees

    5. Praying mantis