Monday, February 21, 2011

Best Coffee in Ann Arbor: A Paean to My Second Home

Ann apparently does weekly "Best of" contests, and this week the focus is on local coffeeshops. Shockingly, my coffeeshop of choice is not in first place.

There are several indisputable facts about Comet Coffee (16 Nickels Arcade, by North University and State Street):

- The coffee is the best in A2.
- It is the cutest space (tiles!).
- The staff is lovable and hilarious.
- They give you the greatest number of options.
- There's no better place to get your coffee questions answered.

Sure, people complain that it's small (wait long enough and you'll get a seat), there's no plugs (this helps you get a seat faster, silly), and the line can be long (isn't that proof that this is the best place for coffee). But those complaints are for people who value other things more than coffee.

The choice is clear.


  1. Comet is winning now. Your ploy has worked G$.

  2. These kinds of votes are never based on merit and always come down to popularity due to price and convenience. Comet is unequivocally the best coffee in Ann Arbor. Their staff are connoisseurs and technicians, their beans are top-notch and their methods are state-of-the-art. I don't even drink coffee and I can tell you they are the best.

  3. I asked @annarborcom to have a best blog category and they said they were only focusing on businesses. Makes me think there might be some sort of sinister revenue generating plot behind the competition. Maybe that's just the paranoia talking though.