Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guide to Ann Arbor: Snowstorm Edition

Meijer and Kroger were out of milk so we bought Bells Winter White

The snow's a comin' and I am sure you all have tons of questions. First thing's first: U of M won't cancel classes (95% confidence interval). The last time U of M had a snow day was during the great blizzard of 1978. During this snowstorm, Ann Arbor received a half meter of snow (19 inches). So bust out your snow pants, kids!

How should you prepare for the snowstorm? The first vote in our poll is to name the storm. If you haven't bought supplies yet, you are probably screwed (see picture above). That being said, this is probably not the end of the world. It is kind of astonishing that there was a run on Staples last night. The City has a list of emergency supplies you should have bought already. It includes, among other things, "Stress Foods" and "A Megaphone." So maybe you should think about getting some junk food before the next storm, OK?

The City's snow plow tracking system is not running. Lame. Perhaps the city should kick it old school and invest in some horses. Check out the 1930 snow clearing budget for Ann Arbor, Via the Ann Arbor Chronicle:

This brings us to the most important topic of the day:thundersnow. One of the rarest meteorological phenomena, thundersnow usually only happens 6.3 times a year. If we are lucky, though, we just might see and hear the muted clap of thundersnow tonight.

Bundle up, kids.

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  1. The People's Food Co-op still has a very good supply of milk. So if you're in the need, I would stop there first. The pros of buying local!