Thursday, February 10, 2011

MothUP Missed Connections

MothUP hosts another Storyslam tonight at 7 PM at the Work Gallery on State Street. The theme: missed connections, a la the Craigslist category.

All I can say about the last MothUP is that it wasn't surprising that two of the stories were about hitchhiking. Write (or I guess don't write) what you know. I fully supported the selection of the winner, whose story can be seen here:

MothUP Ann Arbor- 'Out of the Ordinary' from MothUP Ann Arbor on Vimeo.


  1. Erika, will you be relating your Ann Arbor missed connection story?

  2. What about *my* story? Is BCB going to spend all night recounting his years of reading missed connections?

  3. Benjito: I will not. As with most Missed Connections stories, it starts out embarrassing and makes a quick turn into creepy.

  4. GH: will you please enlighten us here?

  5. Yes, I'll just go up and be like "I read this one missed connection that said..."

  6. Subject: Gorgeous South Asian man... - w4m - 29 ((Comet Coffee--A2))
    Date: 2010-05-06, 2:05AM EDT
    "You were chatting w/an older woman around 2PM in Comet on Tuesday--and you were adorable (and smart-looking...w/sparkly eyes, etc)!
    Am guessing you're a literature/history type, and'd love to hear from you... even if it's to learn you're gay, have a gf or similar.