Monday, February 7, 2011

"Nixon In China" @ Goodrich Quality 16

"Nixon in China" will be telecast live from the MET 1 p.m. this Saturday at Goodrich Quality 16. Tickets $13.50 for students, $23 for adults, and $21 for seniors.

"Nixon in China" is about Nixon's 1972 trip to China -- an otherwise underwhelming event whose significance only intensifies with each decade. Premiering in 1987 to a tepid reception from the public and professional audience, this first opera of the young John Adams is now regarded as a genre-changing work (see NYT coverage here and here).

The composition is light, loud, and swift. You'll recognize, I think, the influence of Phillip Glass, although a Glass with discipline and a more distinctive melodic variation. Adams' composition is no doubt an American classic -- hence, not to be missed.


  1. Has anyone ever gone to one of these live telecasts?

  2. I saw the Carmen maybe a year ago? It wasn't the same as seeing live opera, but I think you could guess that going in. It was the only Met performance I've ever seen. It was pretty awesome.