Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Planned Parenthood I know

After seeing the "exposés" from Live Action in the news the past few weeks, and as the House prepares to vote on a bill that could eliminate Planned Parenthood federal funding, it was refreshing to read this account of a woman's experience with the organization, an experience that sounded a lot like my own. The first Planned Parenthood she ever went to was in Ann Arbor!

While she did not visit this exact location, the Planned Parenthood on Stadium is, as she notes, a "rare bastion of efficiency." She writes:
When discussing the necessity of Planned Parenthood’s existence, we rightly focus on the work its doing to bring sex education, contraceptive options and abortions to women who wouldn’t know how to access it otherwise.

But there’s also places where Planned Parenthood is already working, where they moved in uneventfully and succeeded immediately — like Ann Arbor. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood, which relies on government grants and contracts, individual contributors, and large donors like Bill Gates to fund its 820 health centers, is the only reliable source of no-hassle, agency-empowered, low-cost/free health care of any kind for uninsured women like me.
That's right. Ann Arbor is a place where Planned Parenthood "is already working."

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