Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saving Detroit: If Not Micro-Businesses, Then What? Robots.

Our previous post on Detroit highlighted the need for the stimulation of small-businesses in order to revitalize Detroit - but what about the equally pressing need for cybernetic law enforcement.

Internet scuttlebutt (scuttlenet? Interbutt?) has recently had it that Detroit mayor Dave Bing torpedoed a plan to erect a statue of Detroit's most famous robot cop. But worry not, gentle readers, hope is not lost. You can contribute to a grassroots effort to build Detroit the monument to a 1980s fictional law enforcement cyborg it deserves.

Visit to donate. I desperately want this to happen.


  1. Does RoboCop really paint Detroit in a good light?

  2. Doesn't robocop kinda represent police brutality a little? Really what we want a monument to?