Monday, February 14, 2011

Who has the best pizza in Ann Arbor? has a poll open asking people to vote on the best pizza in Ann Arbor. The list of 24 pizza joints is a little daunting. Now, don't get me wrong, I like pizza as much as the next guy. But when you have level every pizza from Little Caesars to Gratzi in the same pool, it's hard to think of what dimensions should be used to judge such diverse pizzas.

On a related note: is really dragging out the best of list thing. They have polls for a different category each week through the end of the year. Also, I don't see a best Ann Arbor blog poll. Maybe that's because there is no competition. Zing!


  1. Zing, indeed.

    My favorite pizza in Ann Arbor is to drive to Detroit and get Buddy's.

  2. My favorite pizza is a place in Bay City called Tommy V's. Second favorite is probably calling out to either Mr. Pizza or Cottage Inn. Never tried Grazi.

  3. I ended up voting for Cottage Inn on the poll. I selected them because during my time in Ann Arbor I have probably consumed more of their pizza than anyone else's.