Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boys Don't Cry

To research for his 2010 film Monogamy, Dana Adam Shapiro interviewed fifty divorcees from across the country. The Times published a slice of his findings in an article about the film and Shapiro's larger interest in short-lived marriages. One of the interviews, named "The Young Wife," lives in our fair city. She has this to say of her ex-husband:
I thought he was hot — I liked his Robert Smith hair and hipster clothes. He was intelligent, clever and deeply kind. He had all these creative pursuits that he was really engaged in and pretty good at, but didn’t seem to have any illusions about being able to make a living doing them. He also has this absolutely infectious enthusiasm that can make the world seem like an almost magical place, and when we started dating, he got really enthusiastic about me. I felt calmed, like he smoothed out my rough edges, in a good way.
Surely not the first Ann Arborite to fall under the spell of a Cure-look-alike.

The trailer for Monogamy, which opens this weekend:

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  1. I love the episode of South Park where Robert Smith saves the world from Babs.