Sunday, March 6, 2011

Michigan magnets

Check out these Michigan magnets for sale at Etsy. I'm trying to figure out the logic behind the featured cities: Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsi, Hell (yeah, that's funny), Chelsea (um, OK...), Frankfort (what?).


  1. Frankfort is a pretty nice little town. It's got a pretty cool looking lighthouse in the harbor and there's one about 10 miles north called Point Betsy. It's pretty close to some other nice vacation spots.

  2. Frankfort is the largest city in Benzie County!

  3. Dude: Frankfort is the ONLY city in Benzie County.

    And Erika: Frankfort is AWESOME that is why it is on a button. So stop your hatin'. Obviously Frankfort will now have to be the destination for this year's MDW rompstompin' (not the Sand Dunes).