Thursday, March 17, 2011

Michigan Microbrewery March Madness

Welcome to the first game of our little competition. Today we have two great Detroit microbreweries going head to head. Atwater Block Brewery open its doors in 1997. Their tap room in its current incarnation is pretty minimalist: "tiny and strange," "no food, no waiter, no nonsense." In the other corner we have the venerable Motor City Brewing Works, Michigan's second oldest Microbrewery. Their flagship ale, Ghettoblaster, is well regarded, their pizza is delicious and their tap room is cozy. Let the voting begin!

Tomorrow's match up is in the North Division between North Peak Brewery and Short's Brewing Company. Stay tuned. Special thanks to everyone who came by yesterday form Michigan Beer Buzz. Also, make sure you check out our Michigan Microbrewery March Madness homepage.


  1. Have you all seen the website, ? It exists to let people do pairwise comparisons. You can ask a single question, like, "Which is the better Michigan microbrewery?" and then provide it with a list of possible answers (and users can suggest more). Then can vote between a randomly selected pair. In the end, you get a ranking of the options from best to worst. It would be fun to make one for this!

  2. The food at Traffic Jam is spectacular--and the beer isn't bad. No way it beats out the WAB (or even DBC, for that matter).

    I'm sad that Dragonmead isn't in the running. No food, but great beer and great atmosphere, especially if you catch a troubadour.

  3. Next year we will see about expanding the field to 32 or maybe even 64 teams... I mean breweries.

  4. My dad loves Dragonmead! He and his friend have standing man-dates there. They bring Coney's to make up for the lack fo food issue.