Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Michigan Microbrewery March Madness: Game 7

Game 6 is finishing up with Right Brain surging against Founders. Will it be enough to put them over the top? Only time will tell. Game 7 takes us back to the red-hot Kalamazoo River Division where two solid teams are going against each other. Arcadia opened its doors in Battle Creek in 1996. They produce a line of award winning English-style ales that have won the admiration of many fans. Dark Horse hails from the small town of Marshall. Since opening in 1997 they have impressed fans and critics alike with their dedication to the craft. This could be a tough match for both teams.

Tomorrow takes us back to the Ann Arbor Division where we have a real Obi-Wan versus Anakin. That's right, Grizzly Peak is taking on Jolly Pumpkin (Tanks Phil). More.

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