Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michigan Microbrewery March Madness: Foamy Four

Folks, it's here: the Foamy Four. Today Founders Brewing Co. is taking on New Holland Brewing Co. for the Western League Championship. Damn Arbor was fortunate enough to have Senior Sports/Beer Correspondent, Chris Primeau, in the locker room, pre-game to record the coaches speeches:

Delivered by Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame Football Head Coach:

The thing to do isn't to tweet with them.

It's isn't to blog with them.

There's is only one way you get respect and that's by looking somebody in the eyes for 24 hours, go out there, twist off you caps and say "Baby, here we are now." Let me see your social media now! Let me see you tweeting when we're nose to nose! Let's see what your Facebook friends think when my face is to you. You all know what you have to do. Remember, no one, and I mean NO ONE, comes into our house and pushes us around. We talk about respect. They talk about respect all across the state. But we're Founder's and nobody else has that! We're special! And we take pride in it and the way we do things!

This is our game now, gentleman. Let's go.

New Holland:
Delivered by Herb Brooks, Head Coach of 1980 USA Hockey Team:

Great moments are born from great opportunity.

And that's what you have here tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here, tonight. One vote. If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine. But not this vote. Not tonight. Tonight, we drink with 'em. Tonight, we stay with 'em, and we drink them down because we can! Tonight, we are the greatest brewery in the world. You were born to be New Holland drinkers -- every one of ya. And you were meant to be here tonight.

This is your time. Their time -- is done. It's over.

I'm sick and tired of hearin' about what a great brewery Founder's has. Screw 'em!

This is your time!!

Now go out there and take it!

Compelling words Chris.

Come back tomorrow ABC will be taking on Atwater. More.


  1. Tough match-up. This is going to be a real barn burner.

  2. you boys are precious...

    I mean, uh, something more masculine than precious.

  3. How is this even possible? There is no way Founders can lose to that NH waterbeer.

  4. If Founders doesn't win this in a freaking landside...THE FIX IS IN! There's NO WAY this should even be close...

  5. Whoa there folks, let's keep this friendly. Nobody wants us to have to make a comment policy, least of all me.

  6. and the winner is...... yes, New Holland Brewing!!

  7. Really? Do you people even drink Michigan beer? Arbor over Jolly Pumpkin. Then New Holland over Founders. Wow.

  8. Sounds right to me

  9. Founders has SO many great beers, how can they not win?

  10. New Holland is the Patriots Beer of choice