Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Midwest has style

I knew that. You knew that. But there are a lot of people out there on the coasts who think we hayseeds live in a land void of style. The guys at The Midwest Style are dedicated to showing "that men in the Midwest can have style, look sharp and do it on a budget."

The site (fashion ezine?) puts a heavy emphasis on dressing well, buying good vintage/used items when you see them, and knowing when it's worth it to shell out a little bit extra for something real nice.

The website also has a section where people submit their favorite midwestern thrift stores for an interactive map. Gentle readers, what is your favorite local thrift store?

Images via The Midwest Style

Hat tip to Lizzy


  1. The Get-Up is pretty good, *I* think...

  2. For clothes, Salvation Army has great selection, but it can be spendy. You have to search for the deals. However, I love the Kiwanis sale for vintage kitchen gear and books

  3. Thanks for the write up, Ben. We'd like to think the Paris of the Plains is worthy of some mention.