Monday, March 28, 2011

A weekend of exciting events

Luminaries for the Foolmoon, 4/1

To put it bluntly, this weekend will be full of fun things to do. First we have the Foolmoon Friday night. Starting around 7:45 groups will gather in front of the U of M Museum of Art, Kerrytown and Slauson Middle School. These groups will parade towards Washington (between Main and Ashley). Bring your luminary (see above), or kazoo or whatever you want and celebrate.

Saturday is Hash Bash (40th annual) and along with that comes the Monroe Street Fair. Traffic coming in and out of downtown will be terrible, so plan your travel accordingly. Also, if you have ever wondered why, despite overwhelming evidence that prohibition causes more harm than good, marijuana is still illegal, come to Hash Bash and look at who it brings out of the woodworks. Not necessarily the best spokespeople for marijuana decriminalization.

Sunday is Festifools, a giant, puppet filled celebration of April Fools on Main Street between Washington and William. Be there 4 pm sharp. Giant Puppets only come to town once a year.

Come out and celebrate April Fools, maybe we will see you there.

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