Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Imagine there are no people on this street. That's what the post-apocalypse looks like.

What's more exciting than the apocalypse? That's right, the post-apocalypse. Local filmmaker Ben Brainerd is currently raising funds (via Kickstarter) for a webseries:
Nate Porter has had a rough week. First his girlfriend dumps him and then, just as he's ramping up to an epic sulk, he wakes up to find that everyone is dead. Neighbors? Dead. Classmates? Dead. The annoying dog down the street? Totally dead.

Nate's first priority is, of course, continued survival. Which is something he's decidedly unqualified for. When it becomes obvious that the government isn't coming to help he has to rally the small group of survivors and figure out what's going on.

Oh, and there are bandits. (It's the end of the world. Bandits are required by law)

The series will be shot in and around Ann Arbor. Exciting.

Hat tip to The Ann Arbor Chronicle.

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