Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bike Lanes Please!

Riding down main to get a picture of this was harrowing at times. Can't imagine what it's like during rush hour.

Prevously: Is Ann Arbor bike friendly?


  1. I drove next to a bike rider this morning at this exact spot and I thought it was harrowing!

  2. R.amen.

    Main Street is a scary ride to some really nice parts of town--Bandemere park, Huron River Drive. I like heading out to Whitmore Lake Road as well.

    As with most of the area, I've not had any particular problems with the drivers and I do usually ride out in the lane a bit, but traffic is fast and the road is in poor shape. Not fun. The left from north bound Main to HRD is particularly not fun.

  3. Aren't you riding down Huron, not Main?

  4. There's a sidewalk to your right, right? It's a crappy, bumpy, sometimes glass strewn sidewalk. Tip: cut into the parking lot of Peter Allen's development by the Argo Dam, cross the railroad tracks ($500 ticket if you get caught) and you're on the Bandemer bike path to Barton Drive, or go to Lake Shore Drive, further down. Better yet, get with the program and put your bike on the back of a car. ;-)