Monday, April 25, 2011

I know there are some good finds at Salvation Army, but...

Via Michigan Radio, state senator Bruce Caswell has proposed a plan which would require kids in Michigan's foster care system to buy all of their clothes second-hand, from places like Salvation Army and Value World.

The plan has been criticized on a number of counts, including that it wouldn't save the state any money and that it might, oh you know, make kids who are already not in the best situation feel even more downtrodden and forgotten by society.

I know I've definitely spent a good many hours sifting through the racks of used clothing shops, looking for that perfectly hilarious, ironic T-shirt — which is precisely why this "plan" is so disgustingly heartless. Even if this cockamamie idea would save Michigan some money, there seems to be something particularly cruel in forcing foster children to only be able to wear other people's castoffs.

I'd like to put forth my own plan: state senators can only wear used tracksuits of 1980s vintage. All of their other clothes will be burned.

Michigan's Republican state senators.


  1. Via Twitter: Yes, Caswell's idea is positively Dickensian. So much for the Republican goal of keeping govt out of your life.

  2. You know as the Michigan representatives propose all this crap, someone might want to remind them that they are also public employees.

  3. I think they should also get to wear Members Only jackets. Cuz hey, they are members of an exclusive club, right?

  4. @TeacherPatti I like the sound of that idea.

  5. Kids have to fit's one thing if you go to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Value World on your own accord...but to force someone to do it, and take that freedom away.

    I remember what it was like getting teased in school for what I had to wear...let's not make their lives any harder....