Monday, April 18, 2011

More signs of spring

In front of Old Town yesterday. Too bad these aren't a year round fixture.


  1. Had you looked out the window anytime before or after settling on this title?

  2. It's a sign. Regardless of this momentary setback, I maintain spring is on its way.

  3. Me: Look Winter. It's over. Please go away.
    Winter: I can change.
    Me: I will admit, for some time there you looked pretty nice but then something happened.
    Winter: It's that bitch, Spring, isn't it? You know she's a floozy. I heard that she's been having a fling with Fall. She'll break your heart.
    Me: it has nothing to do with her. I'm just tired of the cool stares and the high maintenance.
    Winter: I can simplify. Just take me back, please.

  4. @Mikoyan: I believe this wins as our comment of the day.